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Good god, you've manipulated the Newgrounds masses into upvoting your barely animated rants. Seriously, why steal the spotlight every day when other artists are trying to make names for themselves? An artistic breakthrough could be shunned by another goddamn episode of Foamy the Squirrel. I waited for this particular rant to do it on too, this one was by far the worst you've done. But you'll probably get the Daily Whatever and a front page seat for your already popular pile of shit series that goes nowhere with excessive blinking, repetitive handmotions, and barely lip syncs. You disgust me, sir.

Look, Terminal, you're not a bad artist. In fact you're a pretty damn good artist.

But what was the point of making such a piece of garbage expecting to get some pity laughs out of it because it's not like Diablo 3 jokes or any kind of media jokes aren't going to be spammed to oblivion across the net.

It's not original, it's not funny, it makes me want to puke that this animation will probably receive critical acclaim for being "fresh" and "LOL funny". Take some time to create an animation you know you'll be proud of instead of cranking out pointless shorts about jokes that aren't funny, or at one point were funny, but no longer are.

In PsychicPebbles's case, he made a vid about the arrow to the knee joke. And he made it funny. He took his own sense of humor and thrashed it down your throat, and somehow still made it funny.

You're taking the concept that literally everyone is going to use for their stupid parodies, because parodies honestly aren't hard to make if the jokes are stale and obvious.

A half star is being generous. Your art and animation is good. Everything else isn't. I know you have the potential to create something spectacular, and making shit animations like these will not get you there. Aim for that. Then you'll have gained respect.

Thank you for your time.

TerminalMontage responds:

I'm going to take this half star and put it on my fridge so my mom can see it :)

it's like if oney actually was a foagg

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